We’ve researched the benefits of elderberries and elderberry syrup and we encourage you to do the same. Once you learn about all that these little berries have to offer, you will want to place an order here for your family.
Originally a four mom startup hence our name, now we are three moms running this business. We care about the health and well-being of our family and friends. Once we experienced the awesome benefits of elderberries and homemade elderberry syrup, we couldn’t wait to make it available for everyone who cares about their loved ones.
A little about us:
Kesha B. – I’m originally from Southern California and moved to Texas in 2013. I am a Christian, a wife, and a mom of three active kids. I also am a online ESL teacher. I enjoy spending time with my family, staying involved with my church, as well as knitting and watching baking shows. Its is a joy to be able to offer a great product with a variety of health benefits to the community.
Dahlia D. – I am a follower of Jesus Christ. A busy mom of three kiddos. I love to serve in my church and am excited to serve the community by providing a way for families to stay healthy.
Nichole J. – I am saved by grace. Wife to a IT guy. Mom to six active kiddos, that includes two sets of twins. I love to serve in my church, help and volunteer at my kids school. I love that I can provide a way for my children to stay healthy in the midst of all the sickness that happens when being around lots of people.

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